What is Noise?

The Noise Protocol Framework is a widely-used encryption scheme that allows for secure communication by combining cryptographic primitives into patterns with verifiable security properties.

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Noise in libp2p

libp2p uses the Noise Protocol Framework to encrypt data between nodes and provide forward secrecy. noise-libp2p is an implementation of the Noise Protocol Framework used to establish a secure channel between two peers by exchanging keys and encrypting traffic during the libp2p handshake process. After a successful Noise handshake, the resulting keys send ciphertext messages back and forth over the secure channel. The wire format for these messages and the cryptographic primitives used for encryption is specified in the libp2p-noise specification.

The noise-libp2p protocol ID is /noise, and future versions may define new protocol IDs using the “/noise” prefix (e.g., /noise/2).